Simple Pricing Options available for villa or apartment rental Booking Systems

If you need a simple Calendar system for your rental apartment availability that you want to simply embed into your website with a single link, and your property has Lite use, then it cant be cheaper than FREE.

Owners with perhaps more than one property are offered Planet Earth Webs Tenerife full management booking and scheduling system that takes all the stress out of property management.

Can we suggest before you compare prices that you first check, and compare , the facilities and features offered by the software systems you are considering.

You may find a very cheap calendar that when combined with the add-on features prices can be prohibitive.

Well here is our philosophy on additional feature prices, its simple we have no add on prices, its included!

Single Holiday Apartment Booking System Single User

Ideal for the Owner with perhaps a single villa or holiday apartment they wish to rent out but may want to expand at a later date.

A simple calendar that the Owner can manage, link and embed into his website so your clients can check availability. Up to 50 visits per month to the calendar page by either the Owner or Clients absolutely FREE, yes no charge at all. Visits in excess of 50 per month are charged a small administration charge of 2 that month. Visits in excess of 200 visits per month are charged an administration charge of 3.

  FREE then Prices from 2 per month


Multi Holiday Property Medium Booking System Lite User

A calendar and booking system for 2-5 properties with a Lite Administrators Control Panel

Prices from 8 per month


Multi Property Medium Rental Booking System User

A calendar and booking system for 6-20 properties loaded with Administrators Control Panel

Prices from 30 per month


Multi Holiday Rental Booking System for a Power User

A complete booking, scheduling and management suite of software, for more than 21 and less then 40 properties fully loaded with Administrators Control Panel.

Prices from 50 per month

Full branding with your own logo.