Booking Calendar | Availability for a single villa

This is the starter pack, ideal for the Owner with perhaps a single villa or holiday apartment they wish to rent out. Owners can totally manage the calendar, and Booking availability, enter Apartment bookings and villa bookings or block off dates that are:

Booking Software for Apartments
Following are some examples of possible entry options you can choose  when making entries into the Booking software
Confirmed Villa Booking

A booking is fully confirmed, the dates are shown as not available to further clients, and colour coded for you

The Availability software shows in different colours the date of arrival, the date of departure and the dates in the middle as "Booked"

Provisional Villa Booking

If a villa or apartment is provisionally booked while the Client is confirming flights for example or Booked by Clients and perhaps you are awaiting the deposit to arrive. This colour coded entry lets potential client know there is a possible booking for these dates but but not yet confirmed, and may become available perhaps if client flights are not available.
Owner Bookings

Owner is able to block off dates if for example he is staying in the Villa or Apartment, a personal booking.

PEW can provide a fully self-scalable booking software package that you can easily add, suspend or delete your apartments and villas from.

Multiple users can access the Calendar at the same time. The software guards against two or more users from booking clashes.

Villa and Apartment Calendars

The booking software instantly automatically produces a calendar for the villa or Apartment when the details are entered into the software system. The Calendar can be linked to your existing website with a simple link
Villa Event Bookings
You are able to schedule "servicing" type events such as "pool cleaning" to ensure you don't encroach on a clients holiday.