Booking Villa Apartment Availability Software

  Serving the holiday island of Tenerife and UK where there are many Villas and Apartments for holiday rental, Planet Earth Webs is proud to introduce a complete comprehensive Booking, Online Availability calendar, and Management software suite.

Complete Villa Management Suite, not just a calendar

  Please don't confuse our complete Villa Management Suite with the many Calendar providers. Our Online Management Suite provides many features, not included by other providers, oh and yes it makes Calendars too!

Availability Calendar system for Holiday Villas or Apartments

  Whether you have you have one apartment or many Villas for rent, you need a reliable cheap booking system you can trust to manage your bookings.
  You need to see your precise availability for each Tenerife villa or apartment at the touch of a button real time, so you can optimise back to back apartment or villa bookings. There is nothing worse than a gap in your calendar bookings that you cant fill because its just a few days.

Never have Clashing Bookings for Rentals

On your private and / or public calendars you can automatically set the status to:

  • Available
  • Booked
  • Provisionally booked
  • Owner Booking
  • Arrival / Departure dates (can be same day)

In the rare event you enter overlapping bookings for an Apartment, your control panel alerts you immediately to clashing appointments to prevent all those issues caused by a double booking.  Link your villa or apartment website to bookings with one simple text link so potential clients can also see availability


Availability Calendar for a single villa or apartment Rental


Planet Earth Webs can provide a fully self-scalable Online availability and booking software package that your can add apartment bookings to yourself, suspend, or delete your Tenerife apartments and Tenerife villas easily.


Multiple Villa Apartment Availability Calendar Software

  You may be looking for something more flexible because a simple calendar software package does not give you the detail that you need to manage your online holiday villas business .

Step up to a full management booking system. It need not be expensive, and can be as low as  a few per week for villas and if you have more holiday Apartments for example, depending on  the pricing option that suits your business model,  the price drops per Villa per week. For the larger system managing up to 500 apartments or villas online, considerable volume discounts are available.

Administrator Management Control

Administrators are able to login online into the Management Booking system via the internet, so you are never out of touch from your potential clients. Of course access to the system is fully password protected.

The advanced package comes with a complete online reporting structure to assist you in keeping everything in pristine order


Villa Apartment Booking Calendar Software rental scheduling

  There is nothing worse than a clashing booking, it brings with it a whole raft of issues and problems with both the Clients and Administrator alike. Our calendar software suite makes scheduling simple. The software avoids errors, and will alert you if an error has been made with a clashing booking. The calendar software monitors your booking process for maximum occupancy and immediately notifies you of a clash avoiding the holiday blues for your clients. Features included in the enhanced booking software include a financial tracking module, to alert you to outstanding payments. Cleaning is easily scheduled from the cleaning schedule module so you are able to program cleaning teams on guest departure from an apartment.